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Transformation of alcohols to acetates
As part of their services, the experts of AOS Products Private Limited offer necessary guidance or advice regarding latest technique and manufacturing procedure of conversion of alcohols to acetates. As for instance, here customers can access consultancy for converting
  • Cis-3 Hexanol to Hexanyl Acetate
  • Linalool to Linalyl Acetate
  • Geraniol to Geranyl Acetate and so on.

Steam Distillation Unit
This specific unit is instrumental in managing different types of aromatic plants, herbs, flowers and other plant parts during various stages of their processing required for research and process standard measurement purpose.

This unit possesses 200 Kgs Herc/planting material charging capacity and it can handle herb with 250 kgs volume and it is capable of managing 750 liters gross volume.

Reaction Unit
This unit is the place where value addition work of essential oils is executed to raise sales figure. This unit is equipped with a precisely designed reactor which is known for its versatile nature. This reacgtor has a key role in managing different chemical reactions sans any error.
  • The capacity of this reactor is 300 liters
  • Its charging capacity is 200 Kgs
The reaction assembly and fractional distillation column of this unit is also used to produce drug intermediates, although these systems have no role during production of aromatic chemical.

Hydrogenation Unit
The concept of Hydrogenation Unit has been incorporated into the pilot plant system for addition of more features in produced aroma based chemicals and essential oil. The special design of this unit has enabled it to function under 150 degree C temperature and 120 psig pressure. The entire unit is equipped with necessary facilities like spiral stiffeners and jacket.
  • 250 liters of vessel capacity
  • 180 kgs charging capacity

Solvent Extraction Unit
This specific unit is used for manufacturing of resinoids, oleoresins, concrete and extracted materials like absolute from flower, spices and gums. This solvent extraction unit is connected to stripping unit with necessary vacuum and heating facility for recovery of solvent in traces.
  • The extractor capacity of this unit is 700 liters
  • Changing capacity is 150-200 Kgs
This ergonomically built solvent extraction unit is specially designed to meet various requirements for extraction of herbal elements form twigs flower, leaves and soft bark of plants by adopting decoction method. Different types of techniques are utilized for the extraction of solvent in this unit. These include
  • Repeated leaching with cold or hot solvent
  • Agitation technique for then extraction of cold or hot solvent
  • Percolation method under normal temperature
  • Usage of soxhlet technique for obtaining hot solvent extract

Fractional Distillation Units
The fractional distillation unit is used to process essential oils to convert these into aromatic chemicals and isolates under indirect heating system and low pressure. Special care is taken to maintain the purity level of produced chemicals and isolates as demanded by flavorist or perfumers. This unit consists of advanced machinery like pneumatically driven reflux divider that features necessary components like temperature sensors and automatic timer at every segments of the column to ensure its smooth functioning and high isolate separation efficiency.
  • Charge Capacity - 180 Kgs
  • Recoiled Capacity - 250 Litres
Besides this fractionating column of semi commercial production capacity, this unit is also available with glass fractionating columns of different capacity options for standardization and process conditioning operation.

Menthol Oil Crystallization Units
The menthol processing unit is the place where processing of menthol crystals and flakes as well as isolation of mother liquor from the produced item are executed in a systematic manner.
  • Freezers Capacity - 1000 Litres
  • Charge Capacity - 700 Kgs.
  • Glass Lined Reactor Attached with Cryostate
  • Charge capacity:- 60 Kgs.

We possesses in depth knowledge on advanced processing technique of synthetic or natural menthol and we provide necessary guidance to our valued customers from the pre production stage to the post production level of processing of menthol. Our services include

To provide design or offer batch distillation and pre treatment plants for CMO feed to 85% Lm stream required to manufacture bold crystals by chilling method

Batch distillation and pre treatment plants for CMO feed to highly pure LM product. We offer these plants as per tailor made configurations and with double column, single column or three column design options. The products can be highly pure menthol with 95% plus or 85% plus level.

Feeds can be as per reacted DMO or DMO

Batch distillation plants with 85% LM stream for DMO feeds required for producing bold crystals by adopting advanced chilling method.

Batch distillation plants with 98.5% LM purity level for DMO feeds for direct production purpose.

The continuous plants for DMO distillation are available with customized specifications like double column or three column system to produce 98.5% highly pure menthol.

State of the art caustic reaction systems are utilized along with distillation assembly and reactor.

Technologically advanced sodium metal reaction systems are used along with distillation assembly and reactor

The boric acid reaction systems with high functionality level are utilized with distillation assembly and reactor.

Reaction systems of versatile nature are used

The hydrogenenation system is available with or without hydrogen recycling function.

Flakes Processing
The batch processing of flakes involve adoption of pre treatment and distillation method to maintain the purity level of up to 99.5%.

The pre treatment and distillation technique used for processing of flakes are also used for complete elimination of terpenes.

Other Plants
  • Peppermint oil plants
  • Cis-3-Hexanol plants
  • Menthol recovery plants for drying of menthol crystals

New opportunities and Synergy
As an organization of repute, we have always put stress on working in close association with industry to reflect our power of innovation in terms of processing. We have discussed here the business growth and opportunities existing in our arena and we have taken initial measurement in those areas. We are eager to work in collaboration with other organizations to enjoy as well as share the business opportunities and benefits.

Fast chilling of CMO by adopting direct contact injection chilling system
We have perceived that there is lack of adequate infrastructure for fractional crystallization of L-menthol crystals as bulk amount of low volume products are dumped after CMO distillation process is over.

Other technology:
Isomers Separation: Above 25 plants of high efficiency level are running successfully for separation of isomers.

Alcohol distillation plants are utilized for extraction of absolute alcohol or for azeotropic distillation purpose

Alcohol based chemicals : Ethyl acetate, Acetaldehyde, Ethylene, Acetic acid

Oil & Gas/Petrochemicals: Advanced technology is adopted to separate C3 to C8.

Aroma and fine chemicals: The technology used in this plant is meant for handling high value requirement.

Cutting edge technology is used for extraction and further separation processing of essential oils.

Biotechnology : In this field, cutting edge technology is adopted for which equipments and raw materials like Aerobic Fermentors and fermentation auxiliaries like CIP systems and sterilization systems are required.

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