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Why AOS Products

Renowned Manufacturer and Exporter of Natural Essential Oils

Essential Oils in Brief

Essential oils are extracts from aromatic plants that are universally acclaimed for their medicinal values

Our Natural Mint Products

Natural mint is a popular herb that is known to provide relief from nausea, headache, digestive problems.

Uses of Essential Oils

Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy, to treat bruises, to reduce anxiety, as sunscreen etc.

Quality Compliance

Our products have been made only from natural herbs, by following strict quality standards.

Essential Oil for aromatherapy

Oils made from only natural and the purest herbal extracts for psychological and physical well being.

Our strength

A experienced team that makes sure we always emphasize on maintaining optimal product quality.
About Us
AOS Products Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally organized group of technocrats and professionals. With our strength and resources, we have become a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Essential Natural Oils. We initiated our business operations in the year 2009 with an objective of providing high quality and 100% natural products such as Menthol Crystal, Peppermint Oil, Basil Oil, Castor Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil and much more. Over the years, we have maintained our competitive edge and progressed significantly by developing and incorporating innovative manufacturing techniques to develop improved quality products.

We are committed to serve our clients with pure and effective products with therapeutic qualities. For an instance, the Menthol Crystals provide minty odor, taste, and effective cooling sensation. They are often found in cosmetics, toothpaste, mouthwashes, medicated creams, balms, shampoos, cooling gels, and a range of other products.
Most Popular Products
We are committed to serve our clients with pure and effective products with therapeutic qualities
Aloe Vera Gel
Derived from the leaves of aloe vera plant, the offered Aloe Vera Gel is widely used for the formulation of body and hair care items like lotions and hair gels. Enriched with anti oxidants, this gel is truly effective in maintaining firmness and elasticity of skin to delay aging. The gel of aloe vera helps to treat wounds and scars.
Clear Aloe Extract
Derived from the leaves of aloe plant, the Clear Aloe Extract is a wonderful option to heal suns damaged skin and various types of skin blemishes. Enriched with healthy fatty acid and minerals, this aloe extract has no unpleasant smell and is used as one of the key ingredients for medicines and cosmetics. This gel is an excellent remedy for digestive disorder and diabetes.
Cassia Oil
The stem and leaves of cassia plant are the sources of Cassia Oil through distillation method. The provided aromatic oil is an excellent option to treat diarrhea, joint pain and nausea. Its presence can also be noticed in different edible items and beverages. The refreshing aroma of this oil boosts energy and improves concentration level.
Cajeput Oil
Derived from the branches and leaves of cajeput plant through steam distillation process, the Cajeput Oil is used to formulate a number of medicinal and aromatherapy items for its unique soothing properties. Enriched with analgesic properties, this oil is a wonderful option to treat all sorts of skin conditions like acne and digestive disorders. Known for its slightly yellow color, this oil has distinctive aroma.
Menthol Crystal
Formulated by using L-menthol and 5 methylethyl cyclohexanol, the offered Menthol Crystal is used as one of the basic ingredients of medicines, mouth fresheners and various types of body care items. Notable for its translucent appearance, this crystal can be stored for around five years under less than 25 degree C temperature level. Due to its numerous therapeutic values, it is used as an effective remedy for sinus, sunburn and throat problem.
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