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Our dedication towards quality enhancement and new product development has incessantly touched each and every aspect of services, products and client support. Developing new processes and techniques for manufacturing Natural Mint Products, Flavors and Fragrances has become a valued part of our business. The needs of our clients are important to us and we continuously seek to improve our quality and customize products and services as per their requirements. We have established our manufacturing plant in Ghaziabad, India, the hub of roots, natural herbs and plants. This aids us to source quality raw material which is pure and cost effective.

Essential Oils in a Brief 

The chemical property of these oils produced in the plants. They are mostly extracted by distillation, frequently by using steam. Other procedures include solvent extraction, expression, and cold pressing. They are applicable in aromatherapy, personal care, perfume industry, cosmetics, medication, and more. Also, they are used for flavoring food & drinks etc. We can help you to choose the best Essential Natural Oils, for a variety of needs. Our range covers organic pure essential oils, bath oils, base oils, and more. Our aim is to provide the best suitable oils for your exacting needs. 

Our Natural Mint Products 

Presence of menthol offer unique qualities of mint, there is an essential oil in its fresh leaves & stem. Natural Mint Products have several benefits, including weight loss, proper digestion, relief from nausea, fatigue, headache, depression, and skin care problems. These have been used for its significant medicinal properties. There is a wide range of Medicinal and Culinary uses.

Why Us?

We have proven our abilities in meeting and surpassing our clients expectations. We continue to grow and attain client satisfaction by ensuring following aspects in our business:

  • Ethical business practices and transparency
  • Timely delivery of consignments
  • Best quality at best prices
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Team of experts
  • Wide and reliable distribution network. 

Our company is known for its capabilities to meet the growing demands for Essential Oils and Natural Products of Pharmaceutical, Food, Flavor, Perfumery and Cosmetic Industry in India and global market. With a view to green environment, we work with Eco-friendly procedures and techniques to produce highly pure and natural products such as Aromatherapy Oil.      

Quality Compliance

Management techniques to match the international standards for our Essential Oils. Observing total quality control system, we continuously emphasize on the procurement of quality raw material from the reliable vendors in the business.

We are backed by a separate quality control department in which all the products are individually tested on various quality parameters. This enables us to provide our clients with the products having right ingredients and ratio.


We are manufacturing and exporting following products:

Mint products
Menthol Crystals Menthyl Acetate Menthol Water Soluble
Dementholised Peppermint Oil Dementholised Mint Oil Mint Terpene
Peppermint Oil BP (Indian Piperita) Natural Linalool Ex. Basil Mentha Citrate Oil
Spearmint Oil Methyl Chavicol Ex. Basil Natural Anethole Ex. Basil
Cis-3-Hexenol 3-Octanyl Acetate 98% Linalool Ex-Basil
Mentha Arvensis Oil Cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate 3-Octanol
Essential Oils
Anise oil Caraway oil Cinnamon oil
Cade oil Cajeput oil Cassia oil
Celery seed oil Calamus oil Carrot seed oil
Chamomile oil Curry leaf oil Cyperiod oil
Davana oil Dill oil Eucalyptus oil
Fennel oil Frankincense oil Ginger Lily oil
Grape fruit oil Juniperberry oil Lime oil
Mandarin oil Niauli oil Oregano oil
Rose oil Sugandhkokila oil Sugandhmantri Oil
Spikenard oil Tea Tree oil Thyme oil
Tagetus oil Valerian Root oil Basil oil
orange oil Lemon Melissa oil
Aromatherapy Oils
Ambrette seed oil Angelica Root oil Armoise oil
Bay oil Bergamot oil Clary sage oil
Cedarwood oil Citronella oil cypruss oil
Geranium oil Gingergrass oil Jasmine Absolute
Lemon oil Lemongrass oil Lotus Absolute
Mentha Citrata oil Mimosa Absolute oil Myrtle oil
Neroli oil Patchouli oil Palmrosa oil
Rose Geranium oil Rosemary oil Rosewood oil
Sage oil Tuberrose Absolute Vetiver oil
Wintergreen oil Ylang Ylang oil
Lavender oil galangal oil
Spice and Oleoresins
Black Pepper oil Black Pepper Oleoresin Capsicam oleoresin
Capsaicin 95% Cardamom oil Cardmom Oleoresin 22%-60%
Cassia oil Celery Oleoresin 5% -12% Chinamon oil
Clove oil Clove Oleoresin 12.5% to 50% Coriander oil
Cumin oleoresin Curcumin 95% Fennel oil
Ginger oil Ginger oleoresin 15% to 45% Mace oil
Mace oleoresin 40% -80% Nutmeg oil Nutmeg oleoresin

Piperine 95%
Carrier Oils
Almond oil Avocado oil Arachis oil
Apricot oil Calendula Herbal oil Evening Primrose oil
Grapeseed oil Hazelnut oil Hemp seed oil
Jojoba oil Linseed oil Neem oil
Moringa oil Olive oil Pomegranate oil
Pumpkin seed oil Borage oil Walnut oil
Wheatgerm oil Soybean oil Cucumber oil
Castor oil Parsley seed oil Argan oil
Pine Derivatives
Alpha Terpineol Pine oil Turpentine oil
Terpeniol BP Terpin Hydrate

Our Strength

With requisite machines and equipment. This set up allows us to complete voluminous production within time and in a hassle free manner. Besides, it is staffed with chemical engineers, quality controllers, R&D personnel etc who help us in innovating methodologies and techniques. With their support, we have been able to keep a pace with the changing market scenario while remaining competitive in the industry.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to quality, professionalism and environmentally kind procedures has made us a trustworthy company in the market of Aromatherapy Oils and Natural Products. We work with integrity and loyalty, and support human-centered causes. We continue to provide high quality, unique and affordable products combined with excellent customer service to accomplish complete customer satisfaction.

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